Welcome to my blog.

I am Susan, and I will be speaking out on an infinite number of different topics and issues. Some readers will agree with me on most of what I write, and others will be vehemently opposed to and offended by what I say. That is because most of what I will be writing about is  controversial  and contrary to mainstream and conventional thought. I do not apologize to anyone my views offend. I do not apologize for speaking out and standing up for what I believe to be truth.

But, people with an open mind, who are awake, and do lots of research will find most of what I say, to be familiar to them. Some of them may still learn a new thing or two, just like I often learn new things from other people’s blogs and articles.

If you find any of my blogs informative and useful, please like and share with all your social media contacts. And, please leave as many comments as you feel inspired to write.

This blog is still a work in progress, and I will be adding new articles, and video links, and pictures, as often as I can. So, it will get progressively better and I will never stop improving on it.

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