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Many people who I have encountered, have expressed to me a belief that religion and spirituality are the same thing. But, they are not the same at all. The two are actually mutually exclusive. Before I can explain how I see the difference between  religion and spirituality, and why I see them as mutually exclusive, I must first explain how I see religion.

Religion, especially the mainstream, organized religions such as Christianity, Judaism,  Islam, and others were created by the system/matrix as a means of controlling the masses.

Religion programs people to feel small, powerless, unworthy and blindly obedient to perceived authority figures. It is a perfect method or tool for an establishment  which wants to keep the masses submitting to their own enslavement without even knowing that they are slaves. Slaves who think they are free, don’t rebel.

Religion is not the only weapon which the elite establishment uses to keep the masses under their control, there are actually many such weapons, but in this article I will only be discussing this one. I am going to focus primarily on Christianity, because I live in the United States, and Christianity is the most common organized religion in this country, so it is the one that I am most familiar with.

The three most  prevalent  of the organized religions, actually originate from the same source, The old testament of the bible. Many religious people believe that the bible is literally true and that the stories contained within it, are historical events. But, there is actually a great deal of evidence which strongly indicates that the  likelihood  of these stories being historical events is really quite small.

There are a number of alternative theories when it comes to what the bible really means, but I don’t need to go into all the different theories that I have read about. I will just discuss, the only one that I can personally except. The only way that I can even accept the bible at all, is as an encoded,  allegoric, document pertaining strictly to astrotheology. Put in simpler terms, that basically means that the bible either has to be a collection of allegories in the form of stories, written in code, which described the beginnings of the celestial bodies, the suns, moons, planets, etc, and the beginnings of the earth. The bible is also kind of Reader’s Digest Condensed Book version of much older texts. There is so secular evidence that I have ever seen, which would or could prove that any of the characters in the biblical stories ever existed, or that any of those events ever happened in a historical context.

I have known many Christians, and the vast majority of them are really good at rationalizing any  inconsistency that you point out to them regarding their religion. Even the most blatantly obvious contradictions don’t register with most of the Christians I have encountered. One of the most common contradictions I have encountered is the one in which they rationalize that their concept of God is an unconditional loving God, despite the fact that this god will damn you forever if you don’t believe the right things, or blindly obey without question–even when what you are doing is harmful or immoral.

According to some Christians, you don’t have to be a good person in order to get to heaven, all you have to do is accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. You can steal, murder, extort, exploit, defraud, fornicate, swear like a drunken sailor, rape little boys, and all kinds of other nasty things, and as long as you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and get “saved” you will be forgiven and go to heaven. On the other hand, and  atheist, could be one of the kindest, most empathetic, most generous, most humane, most compassionate people on the planet, and that  atheist  would go straight to hell for all eternity, just for thinking that religion is a load of crap.  According to a lot of Christians, that is.

It is easy to verify that Christianity has an extremely violent history. That is actually the only way it could have gained the  predominance  that it has gained over the centuries. It had to use violence, deceit, threats, torture, laws against heresy-punishable by death, and so on. Even confiscating and destroying much older writings, that would have contradicted what the bible said. It could have never succeeded in getting as big as it has, through honest means.

I personally do not believe that Jesus Christ ever existed as an historical figure. I believe that he was an allegory for the sun. A solar deity, and he was not the first. And, as far as I have ever seen, there is no evidence that he ever existed. Not any historical and secular evidence, anyway.

At one time, peasants were kept illiterate. Since they were never taught to read, they had to rely on the priesthood to tell them what the bible said and what it meant.  That gave the priesthood lots of power, and of course they liked that, and wanted to hold on to it. Besides, that was the reason that religion was invented in the first place, as a means of power and control over the mass, and as a means of gathering wealth by much less than honest means.

Dogma is a set of religious dictates, which is expected to be blindly obeyed without question, whether these rules make any sense or not. When these rules are questioned, the questioner is punished in some way. Most Christians these days are able to read. But,  when they read the bible, how much are they really able to understand? Most, if not all of them are conditioned to believe that the bible means what they are told that it means. And, most of them take the bible stories as literal and historical facts, even though many of these stories actually defy logic. Any part of their belief system which defies logic is rationalized.

Many Christians think that humanity is incapable of being good or moral without following a set of religious dictates. But the only rule that is even worthy of being followed is the rule known as the “golden rule”, and you don’t need to follow any particular set of religious dictates, in order to live by the golden rule. All you need to do to be a good and moral person is to treat others with the same kindness, consideration, compassion, love and empathy with which you want others to treat you.

I always chuckle a little when I hear any Christian claim that this one or that one is either a true Christian or is not a true Christian. The implication seems to be that being a true Christian is a good thing. But, I certainly don’t see it that way, at all. I see a true Christian as someone with the same mindset and/or value system as the Christians who went after heretics during the  inquisition, and the Christians who burned witches at the stake during various historical periods. Those are the best examples of what a true Christian actually is. A person can be a good person in spite of being a Christian, but never because of being a Christian.

I know for a fact that you don’t have to follow any kind of religious dictates, in order to be a good, kind, honest, humane, compassionate, generous,  or empathetic person. You only need an understanding that being a moral person involves these qualities and following the golden rule. You follow these moral guidelines simply because it is right to treat others with kindness, compassion and respect. You do not follow these guidelines out of fear of eternal damnation.

I have no need to fear eternal damnation, since I don’t even believe such a thing exists. And, I have to be truly honest here–if I was forced to believe that a God such as most Christians believe in was actually real, I would prefer total  annihilation to continued existence. The God that the Christians believe in, and even have the nerve to claim is a loving God, actually possesses humanity’s very worst attributes. I would want no part what-so-ever, of such a God. Very few human beings are ever going to have better character traits than those they believe God possesses.

I don’t see religion as in any way harmless. How can an institution which discourages questioning it, and encourages blind obedience possibly be harmless? Religion also promotes the kind of thinking which has helped to create this system/matrix that we are currently enslaved by. It is a system which  dis-empowers  the vast majority of the people on this planet and religion contributes greatly to that  dis-empowerment. Religion is a huge contributing factor in keeping in place a system which keeps the few at the top, and most at the bottom while abusing and exploiting all the life on this planet as well as the planet herself.

The kind of thinking that religion promotes, actually works to keep humanity down and subservient to the few while keeping the majority of us from remembering that we are actually Infinite Consciousness. The system loves all religions because, not only do religions promote hive/herd mind thinking, and blind obedience to perceived outside authority, powerlessness, and so on; they also cause division between various religious groups over very superficial differences.

Those who want to keep humanity enslaved and under their control, benefit from religions of all varieties, because a divided humanity is much easier to control. A united humanity would be a force to be reckoned with, and that is the last thing the “powers that be” want. Any kind of division works to help them forward their agenda and they promote it all. Whether people are divided along religious lines, racial lines, national lines, class lines, political lines, or even fighting over which football team is the best, it is all the same to the elite. Such divisions keep humanity both divided and distracted, and that makes it so much easier for them to fulfill their Malevolent agenda.

David Icke has compared humanity, or Infinite Consciousness (which is what humanity actually is), to a ball floating in a tank of water. Our natural state can be compared to the ball floating on the top of the water. It takes a great deal of effort to keep that ball pinned to the bottom of the tank. It also takes a lot of effort to keep us pinned down. That is why the powers that be have to use a large number of tools or weapons to keep their power and control over humanity. They have to keep us dumbed down, distracted, mind controlled, hypnotized, and so on. And, religion is definitely one of the tools/weapons that they use to control us and keep us submissive and obedient.

They really don’t care which brand of religion we embrace, as long as the vast majority of us embrace one of them. The more different brands there are, the more divided humanity is and the easier the masses are to control. Even atheism is a type of religion, and so is monetarism, consumerism, communism, socialism, etc.

Any “ism” which divides people can be considered a kind of religion., especially if people become addicted to it, or fanatical about it. An example of the religion of consumerism would be when people camp out overnight, just to spend hundreds of dollars to be one of the first to get the latest version of a certain kind of phone, or a certain brand of sneaker. Another example would be Black Friday. 

The difference between religion and spirituality is that with religion you are told what to believe from sources outside yourself, while spiritual truth comes strictly from within–from a true connection to source. 

Many Christians claim that they think for themselves, but I don’t believe anyone who says they think for themselves, when they think exactly the same as whatever group they have always been part of. Even if a Christian hasn’t always been around other Christians and the group is new to them, I can’t help wondering, did they become a Christian first, then seek out a group of like-minded thinkers? Or did they change their thinking after joining with the group? 

I seek out like-minded thinkers, but I don’t find them very often, in my day-to-day life,  because my thinking is not common at all. There is no group think going on in my life experience at all. In fact, I generally have to go online in order to find anyone who understands my world view at all. 

Every form of religion is mind control. A religious person general believes in and obeys and outside authority, while a spiritual person takes his or her guidance from within, understands that we are all one, remembers who and what all humans are, understands how to be moral and follow the golden rule, without needing anyone outside themselves to dictate to them what is moral behavior and what is not. 

A spiritual person will never refer to any human being as a sinner, or unworthy, or either more or less deserving than any other person. A truly spiritual person understands that each and every one of us are the actual creators of this world, and that statement does not just apply to humans, it applies to every single being on this planet. We are all the one, and we are all the creators. We are all-powerful sovereigns, but we have been conditioned to forget who and what we really are. Religion loves for us to think that we are so much less than what we really are. Which is one of the reasons that I think so badly of religion. 

I don’t count myself as an atheist, because most atheists that I have ever encountered, did not believe in human consciousness, or the Infinite Consciousness. But, I don’t believe at all in a God the way most religious people do. They see God as a separate being watching them from up above, and deciding whether or not they will sit on clouds and play harps, or burn in some eternal hell. 

Infinite Consciousness is the whole/entirety of all the consciousness which exists. And since there are no parts, since there is no separation (only the illusion of separation), then there can only be one thing. Not parts of one thing, just one thing. If you cut up a holographic photograph, each piece would be a smaller version of the whole. It would be identical to the whole in every single aspect except for size. And, we have the same correlation with Infinite Consciousness. We are the whole, each and every one of us. That means that everyone is God. 

Of course, many people I have known, have been unable to wrap their head around the idea that everyone is God.  And no, that is not a typo. I did not mean that everyone is A God, I meant the everyone is the God.