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For years I have noticed a pattern that most people seem oblivious to. I don’t really know why this should be, since the pattern is completely obvious to me. As obvious as a pink elephant in the living room. 

While it may be true that a few presidents have been only one term presidents, most of them have been two term presidents…at least as far as my memory goes. And it always seems that we get 8 years of a Democrat president, then 8 years of a Republican president, then back to 8 years of a Democrat president. It always seems to go back and forth like that. 

 I cannot recall a time when we have ever had two Republican presidents in a row, or two Democrat presidents in a row. People seem to always blame whatever party is in power at any given time, for whatever ill effects are  occurring, and they seem to forget that the president before–from the opposite party was just as bad as the current one. It doesn’t seem to even occur to most people, that nothing ever changes no matter which party is represented at any given time. 

Each election, people seem to think that if they just get the right person in the white house-from the right party, then everything will be alright. But, it never is. It just gets worse and worse, every time. Things getting worse every time, is the only thing that ever changes. But, most people seem to have rather short memories, and they keep clinging to the idea that the next democrat or the next republican will fix everything that the current president of the opposite party is screwing up. 

I am still waiting for the majority of the people to wake up and realize that there is no real or fundamental difference in the two major parties and that both parties represent the interests of the so-called élite, and not the interests of the people. Nothing will ever change until the majority of the people completely reject party politics, and stop believing that voting for and electing the right person for president will ever-changing anything for the better.

At every election I see people arguing back and forth about which candidate is the best, and villainizing the other one. The arguments can get rather heated. But, elections are basically, only for show and neither party actually represents the interests of the people. They hold elections to give the people the “illusion” that they have a choice and a voice. And they do this, to prevent mass rebellion. If the people think that they are free, then they will continue to allow their masters to keep them enslaved, and they will not rebel on a mass scale. 

The two-party system, also helps keep the people divided. That is important for the  elite. Keeping humanity divided in all the ways they possibly can, prevents humanity from recognizing and standing united against  elite  control. That helps keep them in power, and helps them maintain the status quo. So, when we allow ourselves to be divided, through politics or race or religion or any other  divisional tactic, we are working on behalf of those who want to control us and keep us enslaved, and working against our own interests. 

The  elite  don’t really care whether a democrat is in the White House, or a republican. It doesn’t matter to them, because either way they win. They use the media, and other tools, to ensure that only candidates who will work to further  elite  interests, ever make it through the primaries, and to the general election. They hand-pick the candidates, so it matters not to them, which one of their puppets, the people actually vote into office. 

Your vote means less than nothing. All elections are a smoke and mirrors/dog and pony show. The game is rigged, and it always has been. It will continue to be rigged, unless/until the people wake up and stop allowing it to remain so. There has never been a good government, and there never will be. 

Most of us have been told as children, that anyone can grow up to become president. But, that is simply not true. If you do deep enough research, you will find that every single president that we have ever had in this country, was born into one of the elite bloodline families. They have all been SELECTED. Not a single one has ever been elected. 

The two parties, are really only one party. The rather superficial differences between the “two” parties, are put there to give the illusion that they each stand for different values. But, that is all just for show. There are no real or fundamental differences, and behind the scenes-members of each of the parties are best of friends with each other.

Both parties serve the exact same masters, and support the exact same agenda. This agenda is neither beneficial to the people, nor is it even benign. 

Do you really think it is an accident that things keep getting progressively worse for us? Do you really think it is an accident that prices keep going up and up? Or that the best of jobs keep getting outsourced to third world countries where the corporations can pay fewer taxes and exploit workers to a much  greater degree than they can here? 

Things keep getting worse for us, not because the wrong person is in the White House, or because the wrong party is in power. Things keep getting worse and worse for us, because humanity as a whole, continues to allow it. The majority keep clinging to an illusion that just voting the right person into the White House will fix everything. It won’t though. You have to see the patterns, and wake up to that fact…or nothing will ever change. 

I have read that the elite believe that they have the divine right to rule, while in truth, such a thing does not exist. I have also read that they believe that we are better off with them in control…another fallacy. And here is the kicker. They really believe that all the resources on this planet really belong to them, and that they have the perfect right to steal it all from us, because they don’t believe that we have the right to any of it. They don’t even believe that most of us have the right to exist. Once you wrap your mind around the truth, that they care less than nothing about us at all, then everything else that is going on in this world begins to make sense. 

Waking up to all this, does not give you a happy or pleasant picture, but at least everything that is going on in this world and has been for thousands of years, begins to make some kind of sense. You can then begin to see what the causes of the ills and inequities of this world are, and you can also begin to see solutions. 

Humanity as a whole, has been a bunch of complacent slaves for far too long. And, look at the kind of world that we have been allowing them to create for us. Make no mistake, if we keep allowing this progressive agenda to continue, it will just keep getting worse and worse for humanity. 

No God is going to come out of the sky and save us. No galactic army will come to save us either. We have to save ourselves, by waking up and standing united against this tyranny. We have to refuse to comply, and refuse to obey or  cooperate. Peaceful non-compliance is the answer. No election will ever change anything. That is one of the most important things that humanity must awaken to. Don’t keep voting for this puppet over that puppet. Realize that the game is rigged, and that both candidates are puppets, working to further the interests and agenda of the very same puppet masters.  Refusing to keep playing their game, is what will bring real change to this world.