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Most people see television as a free entertainment medium, and because of that, the vast majority of people get addicted to it without realizing that they are addicted.

Most people don’t know that even when the set is turned off, it emits a frequency that puts the person’s brain into an alpha wave, hypnotic state. This makes the majority of people much more susceptible to suggestion. That is why so many television watchers fall for so much propaganda, so strongly.

If you do any research on this subject, you are likely to discover that television was actually designed to be a major propaganda device. They don’t call TV line-ups programming, for no reason. They call it programming, because that is exactly what it was designed to do–program the human mind. The whole idea is to keep people entertained, distracted, complacent, gullible, and much easier to control.

It also conditions people to want more and more stuff they don’t need. It doesn’t just do this with commercials (advertising), it also does this within the programs themselves. In both the  advertisements  and the programs,  subliminals are used to influence the way people think about the world, and to make them want the things that the advertisers want to sell. Some of what they want to sell people are products, and some of what they want to sell people are ideas, and particular world views that make them easier for the people in power to control the rest of us. They want to control what people think, believe, and how they behave, and television is a very effective medium for that purpose.

It helps to create a kind of hive mind, or herd mentality in most people.

I have read that 95 percent of the human population is susceptible to this programming, and 5 percent are not effected by it very much or at all. Most of those who are effected by it, do not realize that they are.

Many people get so addicted to television, that they think they cannot live without it, and many of them actually have withdrawal symptoms, if they are cut off from their television for any reason.

Not everyone who watches television on a regular basis, believe everything they see or hear on TV, but  lot of them do. Especially what they see on the mainstream television news. They think that if it is said on TV, it has to be true. Generally speaking, the vast majority of the people who believe most, if not all, of what the government tells them on the mainstream news, are regular TV watchers.

When you try to tell most TV watchers what is really going on in the world, they can’t seem to register the information you are attempting to share with them. They either look at you with this blank, glassy stare, or they laugh at you and call you things like “crazy conspiracy nut”. Sometimes they get sarcastic with you, and sometimes they even get angry.

Even though most people’s life experiences leave much to be desired, it never occurs to most people to blame the system, or strive in any way to change the system. They don’t seem cognizant of how rigged the system really is. And, of course, television is one of the tools that the system uses to keep them thinking that very way. Complacent, obedient, apathetic, and distracted. Even when people do have an inkling about how things really are in this world, they feel powerless to do anything about it, so they don’t want to hear it.

Anyone can discover the real truth about anything that really matters, just by turning off their television, and doing their own research online, in books, at the library, and so on. But, most people don’t have any interest in doing any of that.

That is a real shame, because they don’t realize what hell they are allowing to progress, and one of these days they will be forced by the changes in circumstances that will have occurred, and they will not know what hit them. Those of us who see it coming are better equipped to deal with it than they will be. But they are allowing these things to happen to everyone, so in their willful ignorance, they are just as complicit as the actual perpetrators.

Of course, not everything you find online is the truth. But almost nothing found on TV is the truth. To  discern  between the truth takes critical thinking skills, which are not taught in most public schools, and definitely not developed by watching television.

I no longer own a television. I gave my last one away in 2009, and I have no intention of ever getting another one.  Since then, I have  occasionally watched other people’s TV’s when I was in their houses. On those  occasions I sometimes watched mainstream news programs, and was appalled by the lies and half truths that I saw being spewed out of the mouths of those news anchors.  But, the worst part was not the lies and half truths themselves. The worst part was seeing the people in the room with me, actually swallowing all that propaganda and garbage; hook, line, and sinker. 

There are many reasons for the general public being so duped, but television is in the top five reasons. I will be talking about several of the others, in future blogs.

It is okay to watch TV occasionally, as long as you can keep it from becoming an addiction or controlling your mind. Especially if you are one of the 5 percent who are not effected by it very much, or at all. But, humanity and this planet would be much better off, and the quality of our experiences in this world would change for the better overnight, if television–along with a few other things no longer existed.

Just bear in mind, that they don’t call television  “the boob tube” and “the idiot box” without good reason.