What Is Charity?


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A billionaire was given kudos by the press not too long ago, for simply giving $25,000 to a woman for an operation she needed. For someone who has billions, that $25,000 was just a drop in the bucket, but The media made a really big deal about it. I was incensed because such a big deal was made of a gesture that was no more of a sacrifice for him than giving someone a nickel or a penny would be for me. Yet, after that meager gesture, he was perceived as a real hero and he got to pat himself on the back, and tell himself what a good person he was.

That is basically the way I see charity. Why is it even okay for so few to have so much while so many have so little? Why is it okay for there to even be a need for charity in this world of more than enough for everyone? 

Most people seem to have this idea that some people just deserve more, while others deserve much less. The implication is that those who have more are being truly generous when they throw crumbs at those who have so little. That those who have more, deserve all that they have and are not morally obligated in any way, to share, unless they choose to.

But, we are all the creators of this world and every one of us are here for a reason. We all have the right to be here on this planet, or we simply wouldn’t be. Not one person on this planet is any more or any less deserving than any other. We each have our roles to play, our particular life missions, and our reason for coming here to experience this world. 

Most people have not come to understand that we are all one, and if one person suffers we all suffer. Most people have also not come to understand that everything belongs to everyone, and that includes every resource. Everyone has the right to their fair share, and no one has the right to any more than that. No one has the right to hoard and exploit the resources on this planet, or to turn necessities into commodities. 

Those who do, are nothing more than thieves. Any society which pats billionaires on the back for throwing crumbs at the less fortunate, and condones people having so much while allowing billions to starve or go sleep under bridges or in cardboard boxes, is a very sick and primitive society. 

There is nothing at all wrong with having a high standard of living, as long as all things are accessible to all people. And, with the technology that we have today, it is more than just possible to make a high standard of living accessible to everyone on the planet. And with our current technology it is more than possible to do this without doing any harm to the environment. We could do it  in a sustainable way, by switching to renewable  resources, instead of the finite and polluting resources we are using today. There is more than enough for everybody’s need, but not for everybody’s greed.

Although it is necessary due to this current system and the way it operates, I don’t like the idea of charity, because it implies that the recipients should be grateful for the crumbs they are thrown. Even they don’t realize that they are worth far more than that, because they have been taught and conditioned to believe that they are far less than they really are. They are taught to be grateful for far less than they really deserve, because that is the way those at the top of the economic spectrum like it. That is because those at the top really believe that they are better than the rest of us, and they want to keep everything for themselves. When they throw crumbs at the poor, it is not done out of generosity or kindness at all. It is only done, for public relations purposes. On top of that, they usually have a hidden ulterior motive. Sometimes, that ulterior motive is just to prevent a mass rebellion, and sometimes it is even more sinister.

Most of the richest people on the planet are not nice people at all. They are mostly all psychopaths, and they care less than nothing about the interests or the well-being of the rest of us. Most of them got all their money from exploiting the resources on this planet–including the human labor which helped them get so rich, from outright theft or fraud, from murder or genocide, from war, from deceit, or from  inheriting their wealth from ancestors who committed some or all of those acts, and then some. 

Most of the extremely rich belong to just a few families who share a different kind of DNA, and they are called blue bloods for a reason. Their DNA is different from that of the rest of humanity, and so it their blood. I have never actually seen this for myself, but I have read about it. When our blood is exposed to oxygen it turns red, but when their blood is exposed to oxygen, it turns blue. I read somewhere that the reason for this is that their blood has more copper in it. 

It is a crime against humanity for any person or company to take water from a natural source, bottle it, and then sell it for profit to the rest of humanity. That water is not yours to sell. It belongs to everyone. To engage in such activity is no less thievery than going into someone’s home, stealing their stuff, and then making them buy it back from you. 

I actually read about a particular food company, taking water out of Lake Michigan, and then bottling it so that they could sell it. I consider that purely and simply theft. But, that is precisely the kind of thing the very richest of this world do all the time. They always have. This is the kind of thievery that brings them all their riches. And as bad as stealing water from a lake so that you can bottle and sell it is, the super rich have been known to do even worse things. 

In our society, the media and the gullible masses actually put these people on  pedestals, for being such adept thieves and criminals. Why is it that people can be conned into believing that these people are actually entitled to so much more than the rest of humanity?

These people are not more deserving than the laborers that they exploit, who work long hours in appalling conditions, for slave wages, just so the super rich can get even richer. Being a slave to the system is not the purpose of life on this planet.

Success by the system’s standards is not real success at all. Real success has nothing to do with material gain…how big your house is, what kind of car you drive, how big your bank account is, etc. Real success is about what kind of human being you are. As long as you strive to be the best human being you know how to be, then you are a success. Even if you don’t even have a pot of your own to piss in, you can be counted as a success in the things that actually matter. If you are honest, trustworthy, compassionate, kind, empathetic, genuine, sincere, cooperative, generous, altruistic, and so on…then you are a true success.

Most people within our society seem to have their ideas of what success really is, backwards. They seem to think those with the most money are the most successful, even though they are the biggest failures as human beings.

So whenever these thieves throw any crumbs at the rest of us, and call it charity, then pat themselves on the back; it really annoys me. But it is not as much because they are doing this, as much as it is the reaction they get from the rest of humanity for it. So many fall for the hype, and actually believe that they should be grateful for the crumbs thrown at us by our “generous” masters. 

I strongly suspect that the reason for the crumb throwing, is really because they want to keep it all for themselves, and if they don’t make an  occasional  gesture, however fake it might be, the masses just might get wise to their scam, and start demanding what is rightfully ours.